John C. Wobensmith, Secretary of State   ~   Luis Borunda, Principal Deputy Secretary of State

Address: 16 Francis Street, Annapolis, MD 21401 ~ 410-974-5521 or 888-874-0013 ~
FAX: 410-974-5190 ~ Office Hours: 8:30 - 4:30 ~ Certification Hours: 8:30 - 4:00

Division Contact Information
  Office of the Secretary 410-974-5549
  Address Confidentiality Program 410-260-3875
  Ceremonial Pen Requests 410-260-3863
  Certification of Documents to be used outside of the U.S. 410-260-3852
  Charitable Organization Division
(application processing, renewals, general questions, investigations)
410-974-5534 or 800-825-4510
  Condominium Registration 410-260-3859
  DSD ~ COMAR/Maryland Register Help Desk 410-260-3872
  DSD ~ COMAR subscriptions, Special Publications:
      PM Handbooks, Vehicle Inspection Handbooks
  DSD ~ Maryland Register subscriptions 410-260-3876
  Extraditions 410-260-3879
  Flag Protocol/State Seal 410-974-5549
  Fundraising Council Registration 410-260-3857
  International Affairs 410-260-3865
  Manual Signatures 410-260-3863
  Maryland Charity Campaign 410-260-3857
  Maryland Sister States Program 410-260-3865
  Non-profit Organizations 410-260-3879
  Notary Division
(application processing, renewals, general questions)
  Professional Solicitor Registration 410-260-3857
  Public Information Officer 410-974-5521
  Service of Process 410-974-5549
  Special Police Commissions 410-260-3857
  Trademark Registration 410-260-3859
  Website questions or problems 410-260-3872
  All other inquiries 410-974-5521

For more information on the Office of the Secretary of State, please visit the Maryland Manual Online at
The following is a list of information that is often requested from the Office of the Secretary of State but is handled by other agencies:
  Business and corporate information (including corporate charters, articles of incorporation, corporate officer information, business contact information) 410-767-1340 (Department of Assessments and Taxation)
  Birth Certificates and Death Certificates 410-764-3036 (Department of Vital Records)
  Marriage Licenses and Divorce Decrees 410-764-3036 (Department of Vital Records)