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Subcabinet For International Affairs:

The Governor’s Subcabinet for International Affairs brings important projects like these together under one umbrella to ensure that the State has an effective and cohesive global strategy. Did you know that Maryland has one of the oldest Sister State relationships with China, dating back to 1980? Or that Korea, Russia, Ukraine, and the Philippines are the top international buyers of Maryland bred horses?

Created in 2001 by Executive Order 01.01.2001.20 as amended by Executive Order 01.01.2005.24, the Subcabinet encourages open communication and collaboration among Maryland’s State agencies and the Governor’s Office. It is chaired by the Secretary of State, and its members include the Secretaries of Agriculture, Business and Economic Development, the Environment, Higher Education, and Transportation, the State Superintendent of Schools, the Lieutenant Governor, and one representative each from the World Trade Center Institute and the Maryland Sister States Program. The Office of the Secretary of State’s International Division facilitates the group and serves as its ex-officio secretary, submitting an annual report to the Governor and recording minutes at the quarterly meetings.

Departments that comprise the Subcabinet on International Affairs, select from the drop down below:

For our Subcabinet on International Affairs members and perspective international guests:

The International Mission Briefing is to be completed by state agency representatives who are coordinating official state visits overseas for their agencies. Please send the completed form to Ms. Anna Yankova, Director of International Affairs, Office of the Secretary of State. 
click here for form


The International Delegation Request for meeting with State of Maryland form is to be completed by representatives of foreign delegations and returned to the appropriate representative of the state agency with which the delegation is requesting a meeting. It is suggested that the state agency representative answer in writing exactly what the agency can provide. click here for form

About Maryland Sister States Program:
The Maryland Sister States Program is the conduit for Maryland’s ten official sister state relationships established with states, regions or provinces in various countries around the world. The program oversees an array of international exchanges, promoting a balance of business, educational and cultural interests. The Sister States Program provides the following services:

  • builds long-term international relationships
  • involves Maryland business, educational, and cultural communities in public- private partnership through sister state committees
  • matches US and foreign business
  • maintains diplomatic relations with our sister states
  • facilitates a broad range of international exchanges
  • provides a network for sister city, county and port relationships in Maryland
  • hosts and co-sponsors networking and informational events
  • serves as a clearinghouse for information and contacts related to the Sister States

Please contact Anna Yankova at 410-974-5521 ext. 3865