Trademark and Servicemarks - Classification List

The following general classes of goods and services are established for convenience of administration of this subheading, but not to limit or extend the applicant's or registrant's rights. A single application for registration of a mark may include any or all goods upon which, or services with which, the mark is actually being used comprised in a single class, but in no event shall a single application include goods or services upon which the mark is being used which fall within different classes of goods or services.

  1. Goods. The said classes of goods are as follows:
    1. Raw or partly prepared materials.
    2. Receptacles.
    3. Baggage, animal equipment, portfolios, and pocketbooks.
    4. Abrasives and polishing materials.
    5. Adhesives.
    6. Chemicals and chemical compositions.
    7. Cordage.
    8. Smokers' aritles, not including tobacco products.
    9. Explosives, firearms, equipments, and projectiles.
    10. Fertilizers.
    11. Inks and inking materials.
    12. Construction materials.
    13. Hardware and plumbing and steam-fitting supplies.
    14. Metals and metal casting and forging.
    15. Oils and greases.
    16. Paints and painters' materials.
    17. Tobacco products.
    18. Medicines and pharmeceutical preparations.
    19. Vehicles.
    20. Linoleum and oiled cloth.
    21. Electrical apparatus, machines, and supplies.
    22. Games, toys, and sporting goods.
    23. Cutlery, machinery, and tolls, and parts thereof.
    24. Laundry appliances and machines.
    25. Locks and safes.
    26. Measuring and scientific appliances.
    27. Horological instruments.
    28. Jewelry and precious metal ware.
    29. Brooms, brushes, and dusters.
    30. Crockery, earthenware, and porcelain.
    31. Filters and refrigerators.
    32. Furniture and upholstery.
    33. Glassware.
    34. Heating, lighting, and ventilating apparatus.
    35. Belting, hose, machinery packing, and non-metallic tires.
    36. Musical instruments and supplies.
    37. Paper stationery.
    38. Prints and publications.
    39. Clothing.
    40. Fancy goods, furnishings, and notions.
    41. Canes, parasols, and umbrellas.
    42. Knitted, netted, and textile fabrics, and substitutes thereof.
    43. Thread and yarn.
    44. Dental, medical, and surgical supplies.
    45. Soft drinksand carbonated waters.
    46. Foods and ingredients of foods.
    47. Wines.
    48. Malt beverages and liquors.
    49. Distilled alcoholic liquors.
    50. Merchandise not otherwise classified.
    51. Cosmetics and toilet preparations.
    52. Detergents and soaps.
  1. Services. The said classes of services are as follows:
    1. Miscellaneous.
    2. Advertising and business.
    3. Insurance and financial.
    4. Construction and repair.
    5. Communications.
    6. Transportation and storage.
    7. Material treatment.
    8. Education and entertainment.